Not that I need any excuse to eat chocolate, but I’m not a big candy bar eater. I do like a Justin’s peanut butter cup when I can find one, but usually I stick with the fancy stuff. Halloween not withstanding. ¬†But now when I discover¬†an organic candy¬†bar as remarkably exquisite as the new ones¬†from Legit Organics, I must apologize to my thighs in advance.

There¬†are¬†actually quite a few reasons to check out the small, family-owned Oregon company’s¬†Word bar, which is comparable to Milky Way; and the¬†ShotCaller which is like an organic version of Snickers, with chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel, and nougat. (Maybe they can’t make those comparisons on their site, but I sure can.) Most importantly: the taste. Absolutely unreal. Fresh and satisfying and rich and and geez, they honestly taste like something you’d get handed on a petit-four platter by¬†some fancy gourmet pastry chef.

The ingredients all happen to be certified organic from ethical suppliers, which is a big plus with the growing concern¬†around GMOs , the treatment of animals (like the cows that provide the milk and butter), and abhorrent¬†cocoa harvesting practices around the world. In fact the only thing not organic in the ingredients is water and sea salt; one of the benefits of being a small brand that doesn’t have to¬†satisfy millions of sweet-tooth cravings a day.

And whatever chocolate they are using is remarkably good. It’s proof you don’t need chemicals, artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated oils to make chocolate¬†taste fantastic.

Legit Organics new organic candy bars: Irresistible


Not surprisingly (hey, Legit is from Oregon)¬†the company is¬†eco-conscious right from the production facility that purchases 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, down to the recycled or sustainable papers in their packaging. Just some more facts to¬†make you feel good about the company you’re supporting with your calorie intake.

All this good stuff aside,¬†this isn’t a diet food; these are candy bars, pure and simple. But if¬†¬†you do want to dig into a¬†less guilty guilty pleasure from time to time, what a phenomenally delicious way to do it.

The bad news for East Coasters, but great news for West coasters: Legit Organics candy bars are now available throughout the west coast at about 150 stores mostly in California, Oregon, and Washington. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re online…which should be soon!