I have two girls sharing one small closet, which means I spend a lot of time mediating: No, that’s your sister’s, not yours. No, that’s a dress for winter, you can’t wear merino wool when it’s 90 degrees out. You hear me. So I was really charmed by this concept swiped right from the racks of your fave kid’s clothing store: kids’ closet dividers.

The free printables available in several styles; there are ones with baby sizes on them–perfect for parents trying to sort all those 3-6mo baby onesies from the 9-12mo ones you’re saving for later. Then there are designs that are blank. But if you like the first set, I would upload them into a program like PicMonkey to hack the numbers and change them to whatever size suits you. Then I’d consider laminating them or gluing them onto a thick cardboard or craft foam and behold: organizational magic.

Free printable closet dividers for babies/kids from Key Lime Designs

Of course I have to say I don’t really see them as “girl” and “boy” styles, considering my girls would both opt for the orange and blue ones. In fact I can already hear the arguments over whose is whose. Good thing I can print more.

Find the free printable kids’ closet dividers from Kendra John on Lil Luna, and check out her other graphics work at Key Lime Designs

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