In a world exploding with 3D printers and landfills full of old junk, there’s something refreshing about toys that start out as paper and end up as, well, more paper. In fact, you can print these toys at home, build them yourself, store them in a folder, and recycle them when you’re done. And you don’t have to untie 47 little twisty ties and cut tape out of anybody’s hair. It’s fantastic.

Check that–it’s Fantastic Toys, an Etsy shop filled with retro-designy worlds you print and build yourself. From dollhouses complete with furniture and landscaping to Alice in Wonderland playsets to a spooky house that would look fantastic as the centerpiece at a Halloween party, I love that I don’t even have to wait for two-day shipping to start printing, cutting, and building my kids’ next imaginary adventure.

Fantastic Toys Alice in Wonderland printable playset | Cool Mom Picks

Mermaid printable castle - Fantastic Toys | Cool Mom Picks

Fantastic Toys dollhouse printable furniture | Cool Mom Picks Printable Halloween house - Fantastic Toys | Cool Mom Picks Printable elf house - Fantastic Toys | Cool Mom Picks

Most printables are $6 or less and include PDFs and instructions, plus a list of what you need to accomplish the project. Although these are probably geared toward older kids with steady hands and lots of patience, I love their party potential as centerpieces that can be tossed in the recycling bin after their eventual destruction.

The only thing I think is missing is an option to select more diverse skin colors for the printable figures. And maybe a zombie unicorn for the Halloween house.

Find fun printable playsets at Fantastic Toys on Etsy.