My family said goodbye to our sweet and funny four-year-old friend Joe P six years ago this month. He had glioblastoma multiforme, a disease no kid should have to fight. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, which means companies we love are coming up with ideas to help fight cancer and to my family, that means honoring Joe’s memory. The latest: the very cool bandage brand Ouchies has introduced a creative, easy and even inspiring way to raise money for kids with cancer.

Each tin of latex-free Fight Against Pediatric Cancer Ouchies comes with 20 bandages in five designs created by kids to encourage other children going through cancer treatment. The results are bright, colorful, and sometimes a little tear-jerking. A message like Each poke and bandage, you’re one step closer could inspire a child with a tough health battle; while the Never Give Up bandage is perfect for any kid at all.

Ouchies for Others: Bandages that help fight pediatric cancer in a big way

It’s important to note that all types of childhood cancers combined get only four percent of federal cancer research funding. Ouch. But because 100 percent of the profits of the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer Ouchies go to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation and the American Childhood Cancer Organization, they are a really easy way to contribute to important work. They’re also a great opportunity to talk with your kids about why you choose to support a cause like pediatric cancer research, every time they get a skinned knee. I know my own crew will think of Joe P every time we use one.

Help find a cure for childhood cancers by purchasing the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer bandages from Ouchies.