In my early days of parenting, finding beautiful handmade baby gifts was something you really had to work on. But now, they’re popping up everywhere. And as we try to pare it down to just our favorites we’re happy to discover Cheengoo who just might make the cutest crocheted baby rattles in the world.

Besides cute, the handmade rattles are totally eco-friendly, crocheted from 100% pesticide-free bamboo yarn that makes them super-soft, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. That may sound like marketing speak until you think about how much your newborn is going to have these against his sensitive skin–or in that sensitive mouth. (Fact.) Plus they’re made by a team of women in China who are given fair wages, flexible working hours and free training, which makes them even sweeter.

I can’t stop peeking at the little set of donuts; the tiny rainbow sprinkles get me every time.Or if sweet treats aren’t right for you, find plenty of fun fruits and veggies. And although many of the crocheted rattles come in sets of three, like the of-the-moment woodland friends teething rattles (we can’t get enough of foxes, evidently) there are some pretty sweet individual options if you’re looking for a small but thoughtful gift in the $10 range for a coworker, colleague, or maybe a third-time mom. The little bumblebee is a particular favorite of mine–cuteness!


Crocheted Donut Baby Rattles by Cheengoo, all handmade


Crocheted baby rattles at Cheengoo: Handmade Bee

Handmade crocheted woodland friends teething rattles. Cuteness!


Cheengoo Holiday Crocheted Baby Rattle Set


Okay yes, so I realize I’m insane to be thinking about Christmas already. But after seeing the set of crocheted holiday baby rattles I can think of a few babies I can cross off my list this year. The snowman and reindeer are beyond cute, of course, but a tiny crocheted tree under the Christmas tree? Well, that’s just too meta to resist

Get the handmade Cheengoo crocheted baby rattles for every baby you know–they’re a perfect gift for new parents.