As a mom of two boys, I have cleaned up a lot of pee in the past six years. Potty training boys involves many missed toilet bowls, thanks to potties that don’t accommodate the special needs of boy parts. If only I had had a Potty Wiz, a new smart potty training chair for boys that features boy-friendly features such as a high urine shield and a built-in target.

(And girls can use it, too. Bonus.)

Created by a mom of boys (surprise, surprise), the Potty Wiz functions as both a potty seat and a urinal, giving the option to train both sitting down and standing up. It also comes in two pieces, making clean-up a bit cleaner. There’s an obvious reason to train sitting down, but boys also really need to know how to pee standing up.


Potty Wiz potty training chair for boys

We used the regular toilet for pee training, which resulted in scrambling for a step stool, followed by lots of fun adult clean up. Potty Wiz has a smart extension that allows boys to easily stand with their legs around the seat and aim straight for the star in the middle of the bowl. Those Cheerios can go in your cereal bowl, rather than the toilet for target practice.

Potty Wiz will retail for $42, but first it needs funding on Kickstarter. Won’t you please help us mamas of boys out?

If you want to help make Potty Wiz available to parents of boys everywhere, donate money to their Kickstarter campaign now through October 19th.

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