I love fun, fashion-forward jewelry, but I don’t love when the jewelry–or my skin–changes colors after a little wear. Metallic temporary tattoo jewelry is a fun new trend and smart solution that we’re seeing everywhere–the logical, fashionable next step with the popularity of temporary tattoos lately. While there are a lot of brands getting into the game, my fave so far is Lulu DK tattoos, which also happens to be the preferred temporary tattoo jewelry of Vogue editors. Should such a thing matter to you.

(Though please don’t go out with friends and say oh, my temporary tattoo? Same one the Vogue editors wear. That just sounds bad.)

Metallic temporary tattoo jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s also is a brilliant solution for all kinds of Halloween costumes, and only requires a limited investment.

For would-be Egyptian princesses of any age on Halloween, I love their Love Story collection, which includes an ornate metallic arm band. It’s also perfect for little Greek Goddesses, should you apply one of the bracelets around a child’s upper arm. Sure beats buying some plastic version that’s going to slip down before they even get to the first front door.

Another gorgeous set for any time is the Golden I collection, which includes an awesome blue and gold bird that can be designed into a cool bracelet and ring combo.

Lulu DK metallic temporary tattoo jewelry


Lulu DK Temporary Tattoo Jewelry

Each collection is $28, including two sheets with about a dozen tattoos each. So yeah, it’s not quite the free stuff from the Cracker Jack box. However each one should last about 2-3 days max which is just the right amount of time to appreciate a knuckle ring or upper arm bracelet. And then get tired of it.

Find your new metallic temporary tattoo jewelry at Lulu DK. Find more styles online at Kitsch, which has temporary tattoo jewelry available for pre-order for your post-Halloween enjoyment..