Well here’s a first. I orderedĀ what looked like a really awesome chocolate gift for a chocolate-loving friend–a box of assorted cake truffles from Red Envelope, and kind of forgot about it. Because when they arrived with a card from Shari’s Berries, I had no recollection at all of ordering anything from Shari’s Berries so I figured they were a gift for me. And I ate them.

Oh my gosh, did I eat them.

It was only after I got a follow-up email from Red Envelope asking me to rate my chocolate gift purchase (uh…my purchase?) that I realized the delicious error of my ways.

Mamas? These things areĀ so amazing. Plus they’re on huge sale right now. Pop them in the fridge and they’re like chilled, fudgy cake pops dipped in chocolate, allĀ rich and sweet with so many good flavors there’s not like that one weird gross one (pineapple ganache?) left over at the end that the kids won’t touch. I’m talking red velvet in white chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, salted caramel, and chocolateĀ cake dipped in dark chocolate with cacao nibs.

Cake truffles chocolate gift box from Shari's Berries. Yum.

Know that these chocolate gifts are definitely made (and priced) for giving, in an adorable box with little fortunes printed below each one like you bring joy to the world and kids want to be you when they grow up. My seven-year-old got that last one. I said it was meant for me.

Find the box of assorted cake truffles from Red Envelope.Ā Also know that if you select 18 truffles, you’re actually just getting two boxes of 9, not a bigger box. I still ate them all.

UPDATE they’re now available directly from Shari’s Berries.