If you’re like me, you have yet to take all those parcels and toys out of their hiding places and start hunching over the gift wrap¬†and ribbon to get them all gift-ready. One of my plans is to make use of some of the truly gorgeous printable gift tags¬†¬†that our intrepid writers scope out for you each year. ¬†And then at the last minute, I found one last source for free printable holiday gift tags: The Zutano Blog.

Like so many parents, for years we’ve loved Zutano baby¬†clothes¬†in part for their fun original prints. So how perfect that their illustrators have whipped some some really charming designs that are perfect for kids, from Santa. Or from Grandma. Whether or not that’s the same thing. Hey, they might even match some baby gifts you’ve bought this year from them.

Free printable holiday tags from Zutano: Monsters + Dinos!

Free printable holiday gift tags from Zutano: Snowy animals


You’ll find woodland creature gift tags that you can use for winter birthdays too (maybe minus the bear in the Santa hat) plus a bolder color palette of¬†monsters and dinos that my kids would love putting on their friend’s gifts any time of year. Or maybe just sticking to their walls. As these things often go.

Find the free printable holiday gift tags online at the Zutano blog