There are a few items worth splurging on in your life, and as I’ve learned the hard way, an awesome pair of warm, sturdy, comfy winter boots is one of them. At least if you’re not in LA where everyone seems to¬†drag out the¬†UGGs in 65-degree weather and complain about the chill. (You only laugh because it’s true.)

If I can recommend the best ever pair? The Sorel Women’s¬†Tofino Boot. And truth be told, at $150 they’re not even a huge splurge. After two seasons of adding to cart then never actually buying them, I finally bought¬†my pair¬†during last year’s wildly snowy New York winter and haven’t looked back.

They’re totally waterproof, snow doesn’t get in through the top and the treaded rubber sole helps me feel sure-footed even on icy patches. (Hey, NYC shop owners: Salt your sidewalks!)¬†I love the fun, fuzzy, faux fur that pokes out the top of the boot and actually extends a few inches down the boot to keep you toasty. Plus the sizing is exactly perfect, with even a little extra room for thick woolen socks.

They are stylish¬†enough to wear to a meeting on a snowy day, but not so fancy that I look overdressed dropping the kids at school wearing a double pair of leggings, a sweatshirt and no makeup when it’s freezing out. Like uh, this morning.

But holy heck, it took me forever to find them for you, should you dying for a better winter boot right now. They do have them available at Sorel, but finally I tracked them down at Lord & Taylor with free shipping, hallelujah!  With plenty of sizes in stock, too.

Sorel Tofino boot in Herringbone

For a sportier look, you can also check out¬†the¬†Sorel Tofino Herringbone boot¬†at Anthropologie or at the Sorel site.¬†The¬†cool tweed-y upper and a blue accent color make them really fun, if you’re more of a brown boot than a black boot gal. As for me? I’m hoping my black Tofinos last forever. At this rate, they sure look like they will. Not that I’m wishing for more freezing¬†temperatures or anything.

Find the Sorel Women’s¬†Tofino Boot¬†at Lord & Taylor with free shipping; or online directly from Sorel. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.