I love every single thing about Tru-Colour bandages, from their story to their packaging–but most of all, how they celebrate and honor diversity. Adoptive dad Toby couldn’t find bandages to match the skin tones of three of his five kids, so he created Tru-Colour. They’re available in three shades, all packed in a resealable bag, so addresses one more issue, too.


Tru-Colour Bandages bring bandage equality for people of color

While they are a bit pricier than regular bandages, with 30 in each bag for around $6 (plus free shipping), I’m happy to pay a bit of a premium in support of such a positive message. Sometimes it’s the simple things that help work towards big change.

We’ve come a long way from those “flesh” colored crayons, huh?

You can purchase the Tru-Colour bandages on their website. 

(h/t Kelly Wickham on Instagram)