Ahh, the teething phase. Which is only made worse by the fact that it occurs the same time as the baby food phase. My kids liked to soothe their aching gums by biting down on their spoons, but even the plastic ones couldn’t have felt that great. That’s why I’m convinced the best baby spoon for teething kids may be the brand new Silispoon from Silikids. The flexible silicone bends and squishes, which is perfect since babies chew on absolutely everything when they’re teething.

(Who else has the bite marks in their skin to prove it?)

The flexible silicone scoop of the Silispoon bends when kids bite down, which is so forgiving to tender gums. But the bumpy, textured handles are what make this spoon so smart for teethers. In fact, I’d hand my kid one spoon in the set to gnaw on, while feeding him with the other.

And once your baby learns to self-feed, the chubby handle is the perfect size for a child’s hand. Getting those sweet potatoes in his mouth and not all over the kitchen though, that’s another story.

You can find Silispoons at the Silikids website or our affiliate Amazon. Happy feeding!