Considering emoji are like the new Angry Birds (or Minecraft creepers, or Anna and Elsa, or name your favorite humongo¬†pop culture icon here), I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the emoji Easter egg DIY craft from Studio¬†DIY. Your text-happy kids¬†will get a huge kick out of the various smiley faces. I know mine will.

I do think because eggs are¬†not round, the ones that work best to sell the¬†emoji face idea are designs¬†like “Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes,” ¬†“Face Throwing a Kiss,” and “Face with Tears of Joy.” (And yes, they all have actual¬†names like that.)

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Emoji easter eggs DIY | via Kelly at Studio DIY

Be sure to visit Kelly’s blog where she offers¬†really great tips on how to get them to turn out as nicely as hers.

Of course if you’re really handy with a sharpie, you might also try the emoji bunny and baby chick. Or, if you’re my kids, you’ll probably just draw the pile of poo. Sigh.