Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are ones that my kids make for me, though I will admit that there are only so many macaroni necklaces a girl can own. So if you’re looking for an enduring custom Mother’s Day gift idea that combines the handmade art of your kids with gorgeous craftsmanship, check out the beautifully made custom art pillows made from original artwork at 19 Queens Gate.

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Whether it’s a toddler’s finger painting, a child’s more advanced artwork, or even an heirloom sketch that your talented grandmother created, the mother-daughter creative team at 19 Queens Gate will work magic with it, transferring that art onto a pair of soft 18″ square pillows using eco-friendly, water-based inks on linen cotton canvas.

What I think is special is that this isn’t just a pillow with artwork centered on it. 19 Queens Gate does a great job of finding a way to turn a bunch of scribbles or even a more elaborate drawing into a pillow that looks like high-end decor when the pattern is repeated.

Talk about turning your child’s artwork into true art. Just follow their easy instructions for photographing the piece, and you’re good to go.

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Photographing kids' art to turn into custom keepsake pillows for Mother's Day

Custom art pillows from kids' original artwork make great Mother's Day gifts

Custom art pillows from kids' artwork for Mother's Day | 19 Queens Gate
As with most “original art,” the price for a pair of 19 Queens Gate pillows will run you more than a set of throw pillows grabbed at the store. But the cost is in line with several other custom Mother’s Day gifts we have featured and makes a great alternative to personalized mom jewelry should yours already have her fill of that.

Since you get two pillows with each order, you can pair them or split them up between grandparents. Offer one up to a stepmother who’s important in your life. Or give one pillow to the little artist.

Don’t worry: If they love it so much that they end up drooling over it at naptime, the cover can come off for cleaning. Try doing that with the original masterpiece.

For the perfect custom Mother’s Day gift, order a set of two custom art pillows from original artwork from 19 Queens Gate. Orders placed by April 10, 2015 will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Use the code “cmpfriends” for free shipping on your order through April 10th.