Kimmy Schmidt fans (Me! Me!) will rejoice at the discovery of embroidery hoop art featuring my own favorite quote of 2015 thus far: Hashbrown: No Filter.

Hey, can’t beat an Instagram inside joke making a hot new Netflix series.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? You need to do that. Right after you check out this Etsy shop.

Thread Honey features the kind of embroidery hoop art that go right up to the line of irreverence — and perhaps crosses it for some of you. As for me, I’m giggling at one more than the next. But it’s not just her sensibility and humor I like; her colors are terrific, I like her sense of typography and I think any of these would look super cool hung somewhere I could see it frequently when I needed a smile.


I'm a lot cooler on the Internet | irreverent embroidery hoop art from Honey  Thread

Haters gonna hate Embroidery Hoop Art on Etsy

Hustle embroidery hoop art

Females are strong embroidery hoop art | Honey Thread

Hashbrown, No Filter: Kimmie Schmidt embroidery hoop art

Start being pizza: Fun embroidery hoop art from Honey Thread

There are some sweeter options too, and the artist also does custom work, along with some really cool necklaces made from the same embroidery work. I’d say if you’ve got your own favorite Kimmy quote, see if you can get it done. I’m thinking, Sorry, I don’t know Hanson’s current hits.

Visit Thread Honey for fun embroidery hoop art