My five-year-old son told me he thinks girls are the coolest because, among other things, they get to lay babies. As in, lay eggs). Yep. While I feel like I may have nailed the pro-woman mindset with him, I might not have done so well in the biology department. So we’ll brush up on our basics by reading through the new Little Explorer’s My Amazing Body book book by Ruth Martin and illustrated by Allen Sanders.

I guess curiosity about their bodies never really goes away, but I know my preschooler and early elementary kids are really trying to figure out how it all works right now. The very basic explanations of the human body’s systems in this oversized board book are perfect for their age group.


The digestive system, according to My Amazing Body by Ruth Martin and Allen Sanders

If you can’t see it from this shot, My Amazing Body is filled with lots and lots (and lots) of flaps you can lift for more info on any given topic, which does a great job of keeping kids engaged. Beyond the already fun writing and terrific visuals.

Of course, my kids get a good giggle at the explanation of burps and the reminder to wipe at the end of the digestive system. (So to speak.) But you know, I like that. It means hopefully they’ll remember the info. And that’s as much as I can ask for from a preschool biology primer.

Teach your preschoolers some basic biology with Little Explorers’ My Amazing Body book by Ruth Martin and Allen Sanders, at our affiliate Amazon. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too.

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