I found out today that 30 percent of moms living below the poverty line can’t afford¬†the diapers they need for their babies. As in, sometimes their kids have to wear the same diaper all day long because that’s all they have. I shouldn’t be entirely surprised when you look at the poverty issues with mothers in particular, but no mom should have to choose between food and diapers for her kids at the end of the day. And with Mother’s Day coming up, it really makes us think about those moms who could use a lot more than a card or a pretty necklace right now.

I am so happy to learn that Whole Foods, Seventh Generation, and Baby Buggy are taking on this¬†problem with their¬†Change for Good campaign, and¬†donating a whole lot of diapers to these moms in need. Don’t you love when great companies get together to do even greater¬†things?

For the next few months,¬†every time you buy a pack of Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers at Whole Foods, Seventh Generation will donate a pack of diapers to Baby Buggy. This fantastic non-profit gets a lot of ink here — Liz is on¬†the “Friends of Baby Buggy” advisory committee — but we all love how effective they are at getting¬†essential newborn gear to moms in need throughout the USA.

In other words, they’ll do a terrific¬†job of distributing¬†these diapers to low-income moms where they’re needed most.


Buy a pack of 7th Generation Diapers at Whole Foods, a whole pack is donated to a mom truly in need

If you’re not sure about making a¬†switch to Seventh Generation, let me reassure you that in my own experience, they are excellent¬†diapers that will keep your baby dry. On top of that, my daughter had constant, horrible diaper rash as a baby, and we eventually¬†figured out it was a chlorine allergy. As soon as she started wearing her Seventh Generation diapers — which are free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, petroleum-based lotions, and chlorine processing — the rash was gone. And we finally had some sleep in our house.

That’s a whole other gift that I bet a lot of moms can use right now. How nice to know that we can actually help deliver it.

Look for the Buy/Give sticker on your Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers at Whole Foods now through September 30, 2015, and they will distribute free diapers to moms in need through the non-profit Baby Buggy and with the help of Good 360.