I always thought it was a clever idea to write your number on your young child’s arm with a Sharpie, should you be hitting a beach or a theme park where there’s even the slightest chance of getting lost. But I also know plenty of squirmy kids who do not want to have anything to do with that, especially as they get a little older. One trick: Make your kids memorize your phone number. (We started with my kids around three and remarkably, they nailed it.)

Another really fun trick: The Emergency Contact Number Temporary Tattoo Watch. Fun, right?

A box of 16 is just under $25 at this Etsy shop so they’re not the bargain solution, but wow are they adorable. We’ve seen plenty of tattoos printed with phone numbers, but none clever enough to look like a watch. And they seem to be sized just for smaller wrists.

Temporary tattoo watch with emergency contact numbers printed right on. Smart!


I can imagine plenty of kids racing to put theirs on first thing in the morning, before we parents even remember. They’d also be a smart idea for teachers or camp counsellors taking the whole group out on a field trip, if you print them with the cell number of the primary caregiver. I’d even love to see one that looks like a friendship bracelet. Maybe Tattly can get on that with their own friendship bracelet tattoos?

My only question is why the phone number is printed upside down. Not that it matters. I’m just a little anal that way.

Find the custom Emergency Contact Number Temporary Tattoo Watch online at Madeline’s Box on Etsy. Also check out the friendship bracelet temporary tattoos at Tattly. So cute.

thanks, Lisa!