The second I saw this Love You night light on Etsy, I thought it was the most perfect thing for about a zillion parents. For every child who wakes up in the middle of the night, trying to will themselves back to sleep, could anything be more comforting than both the soft glow of a night light, plus a little reminder that they are loved? Even if we’re not right there in bed with them? Even if we don’t want them to come into our room every hour on the hour and cuddle right up to us which is cute until they steal all the covers and push us all the way to the ends of the bed and we never get back to sleep because we now have with small children’s feet in our faces or our necks or against our rib cages?

Love You night light from Housey Home: Perfect for children's rooms

Okay, so sometimes we kind of like that they still need us and they want to come cuddle with us in bed. But sometimes, we need our sleep too. We still love them either way.

Find the Love You night light at Etsy shop Housey Home.


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