We’ve covered lots of cool Advent calendar over the years, because what kid doesn’t want to countdown to the big day of toys and treats with…well, okay. A lot of little toys and treats. So I was really touched by this sweet Acts of Kindness countdown to Christmas printable calendar at She Lives Free. Her post has more than just the free printable — there are some lovely thoughts about small actions that help children (and all of us, really) to be more mindful about others and how we all fit in together.

I mean, hopefully you are holding a door open for a stranger every day, and not just on December 2. But overall, I love suggestions as small as leaving change in a vending machine, to helping a neighbor with lawn work or going carolling.

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, too.

That’s the spirit.

Find the free printable Acts of Kindness countdown to Christmas calendar at She Lives Free. You can also print out each suggestion as individual strips to make an acts of kindness paper chain — and hey, take out ones that don’t feel right (we don’t have much lawn work in Brooklyn) and replace them with your own.