There’s really not much you can do to make a baby cuter at the holidays, because the tree, the lights, the adorable little red sweater and well, it’s a party full of screaming ovaries. But add in the Santafier pacifier, and you might people spontaneously combusting from cuteness.

From the folks who made the hilarious Mustachifier, we introduce you to the Santafier, a binky with a white mustache for your little Santa baby. Or hey, Mrs. Claus baby, pre-laser hair removal. Heh.


The Santafier set: Hat, socks, and the Santafier baby pacifier

If you’re feeling extra festive, grab the full Santafier set, which includes the little Santa beanie cap and socks to help you complete the hilarious look. Just order soon so you get it in time for the holidays, because Mosesifier in March just doesn’t have the same ring.

You can purchase the hilarious Santafier baby pacifier at Mustachifier.

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