As we parents start counting down the days to the December break, some of us are also realizing that whoa! It’s time to figure out teacher gifts, stat. I still really love our post about the best teacher gift ideas according to actual teachers and if you haven’t checked it out, you really should. There was definitely some debate on Facebook about the results (some of you feel really passionate about cash gifts!) but whatever you give, the message that came through loud and clear to me from all the educators we spoke with, is that it really, truly is the thought that counts.

So if you can get your child to take the time to write a heartfelt note of thanks, or just draw a doodle or scribble his or her name inside a card, that’s a win. And one way to make a nice one, easily, is with the help of the Dodidoodles Etsy Shop. She’s got an entire collection of printables for teachers that are 70% off through December 19 and her work is great; in fact, I ordered a printable from her earlier this year to frame as a gift and I’m a new fan.

You’ll recognize a lot of the phrases, and they’re all good. The designs vary, but I’m in the minimalist black and white camp. I’m sure there’s something that feels right for you.

Teacher printables that make great end of year holiday cards | Dodidoodles Etsy shop

Now I wouldn’t say you should necessarily frame one; but you could spend the $1.50 to download a really nice design, then fold it in half. Voila: a thoughtful teacher card, ready for holiday giving.

Of course it’s not so bad if you stick a gift card in there too. Just a suggestion.

Check out the Dodidoodles Etsy shop for thoughtable printables for teachers. Order through 12/19/15 and save 70%!