Is it really almost 2016? And time to look for a brand new 2016 planner? Whoa. Every year it’s like the change in the¬†calendar year blindsides us, as if it doesn’t happen every single year at this time. When will we learn?

This year if you’re committed to getting more organized (cliche, we know, but still a good resolution) it can be easier when you start with the right tools, right off the bat.¬†So we spent a whole lot of time¬†tracking down some of the most stylish planners in every price range, ¬†to keep you organized in all different ways. Well, all different analog ways. For the best online calendars and organizers, you’re going to have to visit Cool Mom Tech.

Oh, and one thing you’ll notice about all of these planners: We worked really hard to find ones for you that all have January 1 start dates, or at least¬†custom pages that start when you want them to. It always feels so weird¬†to us to buy a planner in January that started back in August of the previous year; in our experience, getting a fresh start works far¬†better when you don’t feel like you’re jumping in in¬†the middle. ¬†– Serena and Liz

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2016 planners: simplified planner by Emily Ley

Emily Ley Simplified Planner ($58, Emily Ley)

Liz highly recommends this cheerful¬†“Simplified Planner” and¬†we can see why.¬†Created after designer and stationer Emily sought out¬†a planner to make her own life easier she devised these beautiful planners ¬†with purposeful sections for the busy women¬†and no extraneous pages.¬†What you will find are places to¬†jot your¬†schedule, activities, notes, and ideas for dinners. Real world, meet great design.


Simple Seize the Day 2016 Planner by Mochi, with a lovely minimalist cover harkening back to mid-century primers

Simple Seize the Day Planner ($28, MochiThings)

We love this¬†minimalist¬†cover design¬†that feels like a vintage primer. Inside, you’ll get a full¬†152 pages¬†to help get you organized in 2016¬†including monthly plan pages, weekly grid pages, plus areas to¬†¬†journal your thoughts, write out recipes, jot down movie reviews and more. (Because we know how often parents get to go to the movies, ha.) If you carry it around, you’ll also¬†love the little pocket in the front to stash receipts, ticket stubs, or those little papers that end up crumpled at the bottom of your handbag.


2016 planners: open-dated agenda planner by Poketo

Agenda Planner ($36, Poketo)

In four cool colors (well, four that are left right now), this is a great looking, open-dated planner for minimalists. We also love the sections where you can jot down your favorite movies, books, and restaurants, presumably to remember for 2017.


2016 planners: Paris in color planner by The Paris Print Shop on Etsy

2016 Paris in color planner by The Paris Print Shop, $15

We are big fans of The Paris Print Shop, and love how so many of her spectacular, colorful photos of¬†the City of Lights come together in her 2016 planner. If you’ve got Paris in your hearts like we do right now, this is a great way to motivate you to save up for that trip, so you can drink a caf√© au lait in the shadow of the Eiffel Tour one day.


2016 planners: custom planner by personalized custom planner by Belle Rousseur Design on Etsy

2016-2017 Personalized Custom Planner ($36+, Belle Rousseur Design on Etsy)

This gorgeous personalized custom planner by Belle Rousseur Design on Etsy are handmade to order, and feature details like laminated tabs, cool pockets for storage, bookmarks, a notebook, a goal list, and more. Oh, and there are stickers!

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2016 planners: floral planner by One Canoe Two

2016 planners: simple mint planner by One Canoe Two

 2016 spiral bound floral planner and 2016 spiral bound mint planner ($42 ea, one canoe two)

If you prefer a spiral bound planner that opens flat on your desk, we really like the options from the talented designers at one canoe two.  This 12-month planner features fairly wide boxes for your very many, very important things do. And each month kicks-off with a motivational quote to get you going along with other cool features like a folder and sections to write notes, draw, maintain your contacts, and more.

2016 planners: word hard, dream big planner by Icey Designs on Etsy

Work Hard Dream Big Lush Coral Planner ($15+, Icey Design)

Another Etsy find, this is a nice, affordable option for those of us who may do most of our planning digitally, but still need a place to jot important details with an actual pen or pencil. Nice touch: A space to recount your¬†monthly goals and resolutions.¬†Provided that doesn’t stress you out.


Day designer 2016 planner by Whitney English

Whitney English Day Designer 2016 Planner ($20-24, Anthropologie)

The best-selling Day Designer 2016 planner by organization consultant and and entrepreneur Whitney English calls our name with a simple weekly planner that harkens back to classic organizers from the pre-digital days. Blue organization tabs make everything a snap to find, and her goal setting worksheets and blank pages for gratitude notes are a nice touch.


Beautiful birch floral 2016 planner by Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co 2016 Birch Floral Weekly Planner ($34

We just can’t quite you, Anna Bond! Her often-copied illustration style comes to¬†life beautifully on this 2016 planner which mercifully starts at the beginning of 2016. (So many other Rifle Paper planners we found run¬†August through December of the following year.) It’s a very cool floral pattern, even for those of us who don’t think of ourselves as floral pattern people. And the inside planner pages are as practical¬†as the outside cover is pretty.

Sugar Paper 2016 planners at Target: So affordable!

Sugar Paper 2016 Weekly Planner ($7.99, Target)

We love LA-based Sugar Paper for their modern, elegant¬†designs and their love of paper, and it’s so nice to see they’re back with their¬†affordable line of 2016 planners made just for Target. Check out both the¬†simple 2016 weekly planner and the 2016 monthly planner, depending on which suits your needs best. Or hey, get both and give one away. For under $8 this is a fantastic bargain.

2016 planners: weekly planner by Dozi on Etsy

 2016 Geometric Tangram Weekly Planner ($28, Dozi)

This 2016 weekly planner by Wendy Chung of San Jose paperie Dozi reminds me of something you’d find in a museum shop. The¬†simple white and black geometric shapes on the¬†matte cover are fun to look at and inside there’s¬†ample space to plan your busy days.


Gorgeous hardcover 2016 planner by Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Hardcover Weekly Planner ($13.99,

We like that you can ring¬†in 2016 with Orla Kiely’s trademark modern design at a great price. The motif is even featured on notes pages throughout the book that come with weekly calendar. Nice price, too, and a thoughtful last-minute hostess gift for¬†anyone you’re visiting over the holiday break.


Linen stripe 2016 planner by Kate Spade

Kate Spade Linen stripe planner ($40, Paper Source)

Kate Spade always comes through with accessories that are clean and stylish, but there’s something about the linen cover on this hardbound 2016 planner that gives it a comforting earthiness too. Inside, you’ll find pockets, tabs, and other smart ways to¬†keep yourself¬†organized including some quotes to help get you motivated when you need it.


The Happiness 100-day planner: Cool new twist on inspiration and motivation for the year

The Happiness 100-Day Planner ($30, Anthropologie)

If you can use a little more positive thinking in your 2016, you have to check out this undated Happiness planner that’s less about¬†crossing eggs off your shopping list, and more about charting personal progress and goals on the 100 open-ended pages.

The 2016 Happiness Planner helps you focus more on positivity than productivity

They also offer a 2016 Dated Happiness Planner at their own shop ($59) for “a year of happiness, positivity, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development” with more of a focus on positivity than productivity. Yes, please!

Also, could someone send this to some of our teenagers? Thanks so much.