It’s not like I was thinking of you when I laughed my head off at this I survived another meeting that could have been an email coffee mug.  I mean, even if we do conduct business together, and we do have conference calls that seem to go on for hours, and we have sat through briefings that take longer to discuss than the brief took to write in the first place…no, I actually enjoy those things.

And those calls where you wait for 14 different people even though a dozen of them never even say a word? Those are my very favorite.

Of course I’m talking about other meetings with someone completely different. Not you at all! So see, now you can laugh too.

In this no-attention-span world we’re living in, I’m just waiting for the next iteration: I survived another newspaper article that could have been written in gifs.

Insert Buzzfeed joke here.

Find the I survived another meeting coffee mug from PupocoARTS. You can even have it personalized, for your favorite intrepid meeting warrior, but you’ll have to wait a bit to have it made. You’ve had practice waiting for others though, right?


EDITED TO ADD: Regretfully, it’s been pointed out to us that the originator of this line was Will Bryant, who received a lot of notoriety last year for creating this I survived another meeting… blue ribbon.

Meeting Master Blue Ribbon by Will Bryant: I survived another meeting that should have been an email

While we have seen this line in other places, and popular sayings do tend to “go around” with attribution getting lost in the process, we believe in giving credit where it’s due — and that credit belongs to Will Bryant. A little googling on our part would have turned it right up and we take responsibility for that.

So, we’re sorry Will. We’ve been victims of our own original copy appearing credited to others and whether inadvertent or intentional, it always really sucks. “I found it on the Internet” isn’t an excuse. Plus, it’s our aim to support original makers whenever possible.

We were going to say, now go make a coffee mug! But turns out, you  already did.

 I survived another meeting that should have been an email: Mug by Will Bryant

Find the original I survived another meeting… mug at Buy Olympia for $12.50, and the ribbon for $3.50.

(Thanks, Kelly)

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