We get it:¬†Valentine’s Day¬†with kids means you may not be¬†headed out to some big concert, to the opera, to Paris (hey, we can dream, right?) or even to a local joint for dinner. So if your plan, by preference or by necessity, is to¬†spend Valentine’s¬†night in bed with your loved one, a glass¬†of wine and the remote control,¬†we’re here for you with some of our favorite romantic movies that are now streaming on the big services.

Grab a cozy blanket and cuddle up to a¬†sweet foreign film like Am√©lie, an emotional¬†romantic drama like The Notebook,¬†or a more modern take on a¬†rom-com like Silver Linings Playbook.¬†The best part is, if you can agree on the film, you know you’ve found your true love.

Some are free, some are a few bucks for a 24-hour rental (add a dollar to watch in HD), and who knows — maybe you even have a few gathering dust in¬†your permanent DVD collection ready for another watching, should you still have a player hooked up. Happy watching, lovebirds.

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Say Anything… ($2.99 rental,¬†Amazon)
What girl growing up in the ’80s didn’t have a major crush on Lloyd Dobler? And what guy didn’t want his girlfriend to be Ione Skye? Plus oof, if that Peter Gabriel song doesn’t still get us a little tingly inside.


Best romantic movies for Valentine's Day: A Room With a View, the romantic period movie about a love triangle.

A Room with a View  (free, Netflix)
Can a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes be wrong? A classic love triangle movie, done perfectly by Merchant-Ivory.¬†I think you’ll be happy with the ending.


The Princess Bride, possibly the best romantic movie of all time.

The Princess Bride ($3.99 rental, Amazon)
The cult classic we can never say no to. Twooo wuv…


Best romantic movies: You've got to love the charming story of average Joe meets starlet in Notting Hill.

Notting Hill (free, Netflix)
This is¬†at the top of my own list of sweet, romantic comedies I could watch pretty much any day at all. I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her:¬†gets me every time.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a powerful, romantic movie to stream this Valentine's Day.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back ($3.99 at Amazon)
This not-so-traditional story from Terry MacMillan’s novel about a big-city business woman who escapes to Jamaica, and happens to find love, is a winner. The cast is stellar, including¬†super sexy Taye Diggs. And Angela Bassett makes us want to be in a lot better shape.

We love to love Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, one of the best romantic movies to watch this Valentine's Day.

Silver Linings Playbook (free, Netflix)
This is definitely not your traditional rom-com, as fans of David O. Russell¬†already¬†know. It’s outstanding in every way, and I can’t get enough of the¬†on-screen chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. For dudes not inclined to watch anything romantic, just mention Robert DeNiro and lots and lots of football references.

Steamy kisses in the rain with Ryan Gosling, check. The Notebook -- one of the best romantic movies ever.

The Notebook ($3.99 rental, Amazon)
Steamy kisses in the pouring rain and bubble baths with Ryan Gosling. Do epic romantic dramas get any better?

Best romantic movies: Love when you least expect it, in Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, 2005  (Free, Netflix)
I’m still partial to the BBC version¬†of¬†Pride and Prejudice, with¬†Colin Firth as the dreamy¬†Mr. Darcy. But a 4-hour miniseries may be more than you have time for in one night, in which case, stream the¬†Keira Knightly¬†version.

Best romantic movies: Best friends fall in love in Love & Basketball. Love and Basketball (free, HBO now)
If you haven’t seen the early¬†Omar Epps movie¬†Love and Basketball¬†about two childhood friends who both want to compete in the NBA, and happen to fall in love along the way, it’s a classic.¬†We¬†finally tracked¬†it down on¬†HBO¬†Now for streaming.


Chocolat: Best romantic streaming movies

Chocolat ($2.99 rental, Amazon)
Juliette Binoche at her best and Johnny Depp isn’t too hard on the eyes either in this lovely exploration¬†of magical realism in a remote, insular, post-war French village where a new chocolate shop causes scandal. I think I know your favorite…


Best romantic movies: The undying love of Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

Ghost (free, Netflix)
I know this one isn’t for everyone but come on. The pottery scene, you guys.


The sweet and quirky Amelie is one of the best romantic movies you can stream this Valentine's Day.

Amélie (free, Netflix)
Perfect for those of you wanting something a little light, quirky, and utterly magical. Audrey Tatou steals hearts.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ($2.99 rental, Amazon)
Liz insisted we include Michel Gondry’s outstanding, Oscar winner (written by Charlie Kauffman no less) that¬†will stay on your mind forever. Kate Winslett and Jim Carey are a perfect, unexpected match in this sci-fi drama meets atypical romantic comedy.


We love Adam Sandler and Emily Watson in Punch Drunk Love -- one of the best romantic movies to stream this Valentine's Day.

Punch Drunk Love (free, Netflix)
This is not your typical¬†Adam Sandler movie¬†in the least, and if you haven’t yet seen this sweet story about a lonely man whose world is shaken when he falls in love with his sister’s coworker, watch it. It’s not a “chick flick” either if that matters to some of you.


If you haven't seen the original Shall We Dance?, try it tonight. One of the best romantic movies you can stream this Valentine's Day.

Shall We Dance (original) (free, Netflix) 
Another one of my favorite romances ever. Do yourself a favor and skip the Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez remake; the complexity of emotions in the original Japanese version are exquisite.


Best romantic movies: Forbidden love & amazing food in Like Water for Chocolate.

Like Water for Chocolate (free, Netflix)
Forbidden love, mysticism, plus amazing food. And maybe some inspiration?


Best romantic movies: Sweet, fun, upbeat love in Roman Holiday.

Roman Holiday (free, Netflix)
Classic Audrey Hepburn is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and this is our top pick.¬†Plus, we kind of wish young Gregory Peck would whisk us off on a Vespa around the Trevi Fountain too.



Best romantic movies: Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. Enough said.

Crazy Stupid Love ($2.99 rental, Amazon)
For something more contemporary, Ryan Gosling as a pickup artist teaching depressed Steve Carrell to be a player is far more romantic and charming than you might think. So much goodness here. Also, did we mention Ryan Gosling?


Best romantic movies: The classic Hollywood love story in An Affair to Remember.

An Affair to Remember (free, Netflix)

If you’re feeling sentimental and nostalgic, this is¬†Hollywood romance at its best. Just for fun, watch this then watch¬†¬†Sleepless in Seattle¬†(also free on Netflix). You’ll find yourself saying, oh so¬†that’s where they got that from!




Best romantic movies: Once, with great folk-pop music and a sweet, sad love story.

Once ($2.99 rental, Amazon)
If you’ve seen everything on this list already, maybe I’ve found the one you haven’t, with Once.¬†I’m a big fan of this offbeat, romantic movie with a memorable folk-pop soundtrack. And I especially I love that it depicts¬†(spoiler alert) that not all true love ends with happily ever after. But of course, yours will, right?