About a year ago, I realized that if I grew out my regularly dyed hair, I’d probably be completely gray, which means that¬†about 3‚Äď4¬†weeks after my¬†salon visit, I’ve got hella roots showing. But thanks to discovering the Rita Hazan root concealer, I ¬†can go an extra couple of weeks before plunking down a pretty penny for hair color.

The little bottle isn’t cheap, but boy does it work (and a little goes a very long way). Just a small spray over my roots on my dark brown hair after I’ve finished blow drying it¬†and I’ve got fantastic cover-up until my next shampoo. And it blends so well; you really can’t tell it’s there.

The spray is actually waterproof, so if you get caught in the rain, or you work-out regularly, you won’t have to worry about it running down your forehead.

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I will say that it takes a little practice to apply. In fact, I suggest using a sheet of paper to help you cover up your part when you do one side (and then switching it for the other), even though it does have a tiny nozzle, otherwise it can look like you sprayed your head with spray paint.

The only downside is that it doesn’t necessarily stay put on your hair, which isn’t really¬†a big deal since I’m rarely touching the top of my head with my fingers. But know that if you do touch it, you’ll find it comes off on your fingers. That also means if you wear sunglasses on top of your head, it’ll come off on those too (and get on your nose, as I learned the hard way).

I know it’s pricey, but considering how often I have to get my hair dyed these days, and that I’ve gone almost 8¬†weeks without a trip to the salon¬†(especially when I usually do my best to make it to week 6), it was definitely worth it since I’m saving money¬†in the long run.

You can purchase the Rita Hazan root concealer at our affiliates Sephora or Amazon, or check your local beauty stores.