When it comes to makeup, I’m all about the brows.¬†I’ve suggested many times¬†that if you leave the house¬†with no makeup at all, at least give your eyebrows a little attention and you’ll look groomed. For years now, I’ve been all about Bobbi Brown brow shadow and a good angled brush — and I still am. But I sheepishly gave the¬†Boom Boom Seamless Brow gel pen¬†a try, and¬†wow, consider me a new fan, especially for nighttime or when I’m heavying up the makeup just a tad.

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My happy-making¬†new makeup must-have¬†comes courtesy of Malynda Vigliotti, of the popular Boom Boom Brow Bar so there’s some cred right there.¬†If you’ve tried a¬†liquid eyeliner pen¬†(both Kristen and I are big fans), then you get the gist. I don’t have a super steady hand with makeup, but I found the Boom Boom Seamless¬†easy.

Just flick¬†it over your brows in short, feathery strokes and you’ll have¬†a really polished,¬†modern, fuller¬†brow that really doesn’t smudge.

(And hey, those of us pushing 40 — and beyond — could use a little extra help in the fuller brow department.)

Boom Boom Seamless Brow Define gel pen: This is our new makeup must-have!

I did have a few¬†fears before I tried it out. First,¬†that the “one color fits all” dark taupe would not in fact, fit all. But for me, it was just perfect, so yay! If you’re a redhead who prefers more auburn brows, or you have jet black hair, I will caution that¬†is probably not for you. So let’s just be realistic and say, “one color fits most.”

My second fear, and this was the big one, was that a liquid pen would make me¬†look like a toddler took a Sharpie to my eyebrows.¬†Fortunately, that’s not the case at all with Boom Boom Seamless. The gel is far¬†lighter and less pronounced than an eyeliner pen, and I think, gives you more control than¬†the brow pencils I’ve tried so no, you don’t look like you’re¬†doing an Groucho Marx impersonation when you’re done.

Even so, remember, short, feathery strokes. Your brows are not a coloring book page.

For a torture test — see what I do for you all? — I dared to try it out at my¬†recent high school reunion. The result:¬†I looked soooo much younger than my classmates that I was mistaken three times for the waitress.

Yeah, okay. That didn’t happen at all.¬†But I did like how my brows looked.

You can find the Boom Boom Seamless Brow gel pen from our affiliate Amazon for $22 with free Prime shipping, or get more info from the Boom Boom Brow Bar website. Thanks for the company for sending one for us to test out.