I am definitely a fan of no-tie sneakers. I mean, even though my 9-year old son knows how to lace up his sneakers perfectly fine, he much prefers being able to slip his shoes on in the morning right before he runs out the door. And I’m all for anything to make our mornings go a lot smoother, especially with four kids to get ready and out the door.

Since my boy prefers athletic shoes over traditional slip-on sneakers (like my personal favorite, Vans), I’m glad that these days, they’ve got lots of cool no-tie sneakers for boys that are perfect for running, jumping, and recess soccer playing. Yep, even the Velcro ones.

So here, 5 of my favorite cool no-tie sneakers for boys — and hey, girls too! —  that I tracked down just in time for back to school accessorizing.

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No-tie shoes for boys | New Balance Vazee Rush

New Balance Vazee Rush

My son has been wearing these no-tie sneakers non-stop since we we were sent a pair to try out, and he really likes the way they look — contrary to a few of the reviews. Still, I’d say these are probably best for younger kids. The offer a cool alternative to the typical two-strip Velcro closure, and since finding the exact tightness he likes, my son has been slipping them on without even adjusting the Velcro at all. ($54.95)

No-tie shoes for boys | Nike Kids Revolution
Nike Kids Revolution

We’re big Nike fans in our house, and we’ve done well with a version of these no-tie sneakers for awhile now. The combination of the elastic and Velcro makes them easy to get on and keep on, and I love that they come in so many color options. ($52)

No-tie shoes for boys | DC Kids Heathrow SE
DC Kids Heathrow SE 

While the built-in elastic laces make these a little tricky to slip on at first, once you get them broken in, these no-tie DC Kids sneakers look like lace-up shoes without actually tying. We were sent a pair to try out and I found them fairly lightweight, so they might not be right if you’ve got a super active kid who plans to use them for playing sports. But for daily recess and regular outdoor play, they’re great. And that colorblocking just looks so cool.  ($40, currently 20% off)
No-tie shoes for boys | Under Armour Kids Assert 6 Under Armour Kids Assert 6

Under Armour fans will dig these cool no-tie sneakers that look very similar to the Nike sneakers, but with some added elastic on the Velcro strap. This helps to make them a little more comfortable and customizable to a child’s own foot shape. ($51.99)

No-tie shoes for boys | Puma Kids ST Runner 
Puma Kids ST Runner

If you’re going to do the double Velcro, I say go retro with it! Which is exactly why I’m digging these Pumas. You’ll find a few different no-tie sneakers from them that are similar to the ST Runner, all of which I’d happily have in my son’s closet. (And so would he.) They’re probably the most stylish out of all the kicks here, so I think they’re a great option if you’ve got a kid who ranks style higher up on his list of sneaker must-haves. ($35)
Thanks to DC Kids and New Balance for sending sneakers for editorial consideration.