My kids believe they are the World’s Greatest Fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Which is hilarious, considering that every single one of the zillions of kids who visit their shops each year also believe that they are the World’s Greatest Fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar. So when they joined on as our newest sponsor (yay!), and asked us to take a look at their new selection of personalized candy favors and gifts at the Dylan’s Candy Bar online Design Shoppe (double yay!), you have no idea how quickly I raised my hand.

(Sorry, CMP comrades — early bird gets the chocolate.)


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Tons of ways to make personalized candy favors + gifts more special at the Dylan's Candy Bar online Design Shoppe. So fun + easy to use!

Their online Design Shoppe offers the cutest ever personalized candy favors like lollipops, chocolate bars, and treat-filled containers of all kinds, all customizable so you can create a memorable party favor, classroom treat, or even a special gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

The platform is super easy to use, and let’s just say this typography snob was pleasantly surprised to see some decent font choices, and the ability to really scooch the type around so it’s just how you want it.

Nothing like sloppy kerning to ruin a nice personalized gift; amirite type geeks?

So I put together a few cool ideas that you can use to turn a personalized candy favor or gift into something really special.

Seriously, set aside a few moments and go play with it like I did. I think you’re in for a treat.

(Ha. Treat.)



Dylan's Candy Bar now has an online Design Shoppe that makes it easy to create personalized candy favors and treats like these. |

When I found out the Dylan’s Design Shoppe let you upload photos? Yes! So I found a favorite photo of my daughter and put together these cute personalized Whirly Pop lollipop favors which is so perfect for goodie bags, party treats, or even classroom birthdays for the kids.

I thought the black and white photo would look cool against the colorful swirls of the lollipops, and I chose a modern sans serif type called Caviar Dreams. (I know, I laughed too. But hey, it looks great.) Then I scooched the type down and moved the photo off center because I liked how the white space was working. I love the result so much! Even my daughter’s friends who have popped by this week saw them and were like, whoa — where can we get those?!

I think parents will loooove that the personalized giant lollipops at Dylan’s are under $5 each, and I would definitely rather send my kids’ birthday guests home with one massively cool thing like this, over a goodie bag of plastic toys that cost more and will break before they’re halfway out the door.



Such a cute personalized candy favor idea for a baby shower: Use emoji! | Available at the Dylan's Candy Bar online Design Shoppe

Okay, so I wasn’t actually invited to Chrissy Teigan and John Legend’s baby shower; an oversight I’m sure. And no, I didn’t crash the party either. But hey, I’m a nice person. So I created a little candy gift anyway to celebrate Baby Luna.

Dylan’s Candy Bar has super cute personalized mini baby bottle shower favors that you can fill with your choice of nearly 100 different candies, like these Blueberry Sassy Cylinders, then just pop on a label that you customize.

Instead of a photo, I had the idea to upload a little cluster of emoji, since Chrissy and John both rock the social media. It instantly makes the label more hip than your average baby shower icons of rattles and diaper pins, right?

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I chose blue instead of pink…Dodgers! C’mon!



5 ways to make personalized candy favors and gifts from Dylan's Candy Bar Design Shoppe more fun.

I know it’s early to be thinking about holiday gifts but we just may have our Cool Mom Picks gifts decided in record time this year. The fun thing about the personalized 3-pack of Dylan’s chocolate bars (besides eating them) is that the label is pretty large, so there’s a lot you can do with it. Instead of searching for a photo, I used one of the existing templates at the Design Shoppe which had this cute lollipop on it. Nice easy shortcut for those of us short on time or design skills. All I had to do was add a message from the team and sign it.

This is the most easy of all the ideas and (shhh…) really affordable too. Especially with that 20% Cool Mom Picks discount we’re offering. You can order single bars or larger packs like this one.



Ideas for making personalized candy favors and gifts more fun: Upload a cool stock image that delivers the message for you | Dylan's Candy Bar Design Shoppe

I found this cool free stock photo of a retro neon thank you sign and was like, wow! How cool is it to use that on a personalized candy favor instead of just typing out a message? Just upload the image onto a blank label, and you can even add a little more copy over top — like THANK YOU… for celebrating with us today Or THANK YOU… for being a great friend this year. Happy holidays!

When you find a great photo with the right vibe, it makes a fantastic impression. To help you out, a few of my favorite free stock photo sites to check include Unsplash, Stockography (where I found this image), and Wikimedia Commons. My tip is to search for both literal terms (“neon sign,” “vintage wedding”) and keywords that are more evocative, like family, happy, celebration, or school. Often, I the photos I find inspire the concept, instead of the other way around.



Mom's Secret Candy Stash: Fun, affordable personalized candy gifts from Dylan's

Finally, I made myself a personalized candy jar favor filled my very own candy stash because I HAVE THAT POWER. (Also, hint to my children — I’m happy to accept several more just like this one, come my birthday in a few weeks.)

I liked the colorful rainbow edged sticker from the Dylan’s Design Shoppe, and thought it would be fun to contrast the serious typewriter font with an intrusive keep out in script. Just to drive the point home.

While there are lots of different containers to choose from, I have a thing for this cute little glass container that reminds me of those classic sweet shop jars — you know, the ones Nellie Oleson’s father had in his shop that you totally wanted every time you watched Little House? They’re just the perfect size for a personalized candy favor that’s a little more keepsake-y than a lollipop or chocolate bar.

Oh and in case you’re wondering which treat I chose? White chocolate pretzel balls, my absolute favorite. So yes, I’m serious about the whole keep out thing.


Thanks so much to our truly outrageously cool sponsor, the Dylan’s Candy Bar Design Shoppe, which lets you make all kinds of personalized candy favors and gifts right from your computer.  And hey, if you make your own, tag us @coolmompicks and @dylanscandybar on Instagram so we can see your work of art!

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