Keeping a house clean when you’ve got work and kids and pets and all of the things can be a pretty ominous task if you think of it all at once. However if you can break it down, and tackle a single chore or maybe even a couple of smaller tasks when you’ve got a free 10 minutes in your day (or evening), you’ll be amazed at how much better your home can look, and how great it can make you feel.

(We aren’t the only ones who experience clean counter zen, are we?)

Here, we’ve got a terrific list of 30 household chores and tasks that you can do in just 10 minutes each, because sometimes even completing a single small task can make a huge difference in your home. And your sanity. Hooray for that.

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Living Room/Family Room

1. Sort your mail stack and toss the junk, recycle the catalogs.

2. Clean out under the couch cushions then flip them.

3. Grab a bin and drop in all the stuff that needs to be put away so it’s in one place (temporarily)

4. Dust just the TV and the media center.

5. Wipe off all your TV controllers and shared tech gadgets.

6. Align all the book spines on your bookshelf so they look nice and even.



7. Put away any extra stuff on your kitchen counters.

8. Put clips on all your open chips, snacks and cereals.

9. Take quick inventory of your fridge and toss anything past its expiration date.

10. Wipe down all the stainless surfaces that gather fingerprints.

11. Empty the sink or the drying rack. (Not just us, right?)

30 ideas for things to clean when you've only got 10 minutes

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Foyer/Entrance Way

12. Pick up all shoes and place in bins or closets, while setting aside pairs that are outgrown or never worn.

13. Hang up coats, hoodies, and jackets.

14. Shake out the door mat or a single throw rug.

15. Sweep or vacuum the floor — clean just one room or area if that takes 10 minutes.



16. Wipe down the mirror.

17. Throw out expired meds, vitamins and the stuff you say you’ll use but never do.

18. Wipe down the toilet seat and around the base.

19. Spray down your shower, tub or sink.

20. Empty all the small garbage cans into one garbage bag.

21. Toss old makeup and cosmetic brushes.


Laundry Room

22. Wash out your washing machine

23. Put away any items that seem to live on top of the dryer.

24. Handwash and hang bras or other delicates that have been piling up.

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25. Refill your drawer sachets with fresh lavender or cedar.

26. Make the beds or replace a duvet cover with a fresh new one.

27. Wipe down your ceiling fan and vents.

28. Clean off and organize a single bedside table.

29. Fold and organize a single drawer — socks, t-shirts, gym clothes.

30. Rotate all your hanging clothes to face the same direction. One small change — for a very big difference in how you feel about your closet!