As a first time mom-to-be, I am already thinking about creating a household where my child can be whatever they want to be. A doctor, lawyer, sandwich artistan, or even a Silicon Valley techno mastermind. And given that my husband’s an IT professional who builds his own computers for fun (what the heck is a Hackintosh, anyway?), our kid is likely to inherit an aptitude for computer sciences. We can only hope, anyway.

If we have a girl (maybe, especially if we have a girl), I want to make sure she has plenty of STEM role models that can help her get excited about the world of engineering and technology. So I was happy to learn about Secret Code, which aims to deliver just that.

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This cool, customizable children’s book (coming soon — this fall!) places your daughter right in the middle of a story about coding and technology. In it, there are robots, tech education, and her — a trailblazing heroine. When ordering, you can select the main character’s skin tone, hair color, hair style, and enter your daughter’s name. When the book arrives, she can literally see herself as the star of this modern-day bedtime story. Plus, you can personalize the heroine’s family, too, so if she is raised by a single mom or two dads, that will be reflected in the story too.

We love that — the geniuses behind this amazing Secret Code book — are helping our kids translate techy enthusiasm into real-life skills that can give our girls a boost when they do sign-up for their first computer engineering class or, you know, start developing their own app.

Secret Code books are scheduled to launch this fall — any day now! — so subscribe to their mailing list to find out exactly when the books are ready to order.