My five brilliant nieces are marching their way toward adolescence (well, one of them is technically crawling her way there at this time), and while I do my best to introduce them to the joys of science, Star Wars, sports, and all the possibilities for women in general, I recognize there are still a lot of forces working against them in those arenas.

So I was thrilled when I learned about Erin Bried’s new Kickstarter project for KAZOO magazine, a publication for girls ages 5–10 that is designed, with the help of some very impressive names, to promote creativity, curiosity, exploration, and fun, across topics like science, technology, art, sports, and travel.

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Erin has recruited a stellar cast of diverse contributors and subjects to fill the first issue. It starts with Jacqueline Woodson, National Book Award winner and author of Brown Girl Dreaming, who’s in with a roundup of her favorite books. (I’ll have what she’s reading!) Scientist Meenakshi Wadhwa drops by to teach our girls about meteor showers, while NYC’s cult hero “chefpreneur” Fany Gerson offers a recipe for Mexican ice pops.

Kids also get a hands-on intro to artist Mickalene Thomas, whose fierce, rhinestone-bedazzled portraits have been featured in the world’s finest museums, thanks to a color-and-glitter-by number version of one of her powerful female paintings.

Apologies in advance for that one, parents.

Considering the drop in confidence girls experience in adolescence and the disparity that still exists between women and men in the sciences, it’s never too early to get girls excited about all kinds of subjects.


The science behind meteors and some great reading: two more reasons to support the KAZOO Magazine fundraiser.

An original comic and a color-by-number portrait? Yes please! | Kazoo Magazine Kickstarter

Kazoo magazine Kickstarter
It’s no surprise that I’m not the only one thrilled to get on board with this Kickstarter; there are already more than 1,000 backers hoping to ensure KAZOO Magazine reaches its lofty fundraising goals, and provide girls with one more resource for finding strong (and fabulous) role models to make it even more fun to discover science and the arts.

Now that’s a cause I want to cheer for, for the five special girls in my life.

Especially if it means I get one of those awesome Rosie the Riveter t-shirts — yours with a $30 donation.

Check out the KAZOO Magazine Kickstarter, which has until April 26, 2016 to reach its fundraising goal. Rewards start at $20 and include a one-year subscription and cool book tote for $85.