Today, November 11, is Veterans Day. And while every day is a good day to honor our brave veterans and give thanks to soldiers and vets for their service, it’s always good to have a national holiday to inspire us.

So many of us here come from military families, and as the stepdaughter of a veteran myself, I know just how much a message of thanks and gratitude can mean. My own girls call their Pop-Pop every year on Veterans Day to thank him and they write him letters of gratitude, like this one my youngest wrote last year, shown below.

(You have to love that she wants to know whether he could eat candy and get cake and ice cream at the time. The burning questions of an 8-year-old!)

If you want to go beyond thanking your own family members, I’ve got a great organization that can help you with getting letters, colorful drawings, or care packages to our troops.

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I really like Flags Across the Nation, which aims to promote patriotism through the arts. The organization offers opportunities for children and adults to get involved in creating patriotic art, penning letters, making blankets, while offering essential support to our enlisted troops, wounded warriors, recovering soldiers and veterans.

Kids can create their own letters or artwork, or download their free flag coloring template and let them get creative. You can send it off to:

FLAGS Across The Nation Headquarters
P. O. Box 78995
Charlotte, NC 28271-7045

Be sure to write your child’s first name on the front (no last names or address) and include a minimum donation of $10 to help cover postage. In no time, your child’s good wishes will be off to our deployed troops and wounded soldiers.

You can also deliver letters of thanks and artwork to a local veteran’s center, which you can find through the the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

To me, it’s a lovely way of giving back to those who serve and protect us. And there is something so meaningful, especially in the world of digital notes, to receive a handwritten letter.

For another option, check out A Million Thanks which will help get letters of appreciation to current troops.

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