If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids this weekend, we have just the thing for you!

This DIY craft from our friends at Alpha Mom imitates the fabulous street parade dragons we all know and love from Chinese New Year celebrations around the globe. I love the festive red and gold sparkles of this craft, and the slinky, slithery motion the dragon makes when assembled.

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Celebrate in style with this cool Chinese New Year DIY craft at Alpha Mom.

Click over for the easy-to-follow instructions; I love their BTDT tips to make it even easier for parents to pull this one off. Although, I will admit, it does seem to require a bit of patience and a steady hand.

But one of the big bonuses of this Chinese New Year DIY craft is that it comes together with supplies and household items you probably already have at home, like plastic cups, chopsticks, and Mod Podge.

Full disclosure: When we found this craft at Alpha Mom we realized it was designed to mark 2013’s Year of the Snake, but we think it works great as a dragon too. Especially if you add on some sharp, scary teeth… and you make that slithery tongue a bit more fiery too.

Check out the awesome DIY Chinese New Year dragon…er, snake at Alpha Mom.