Just this week, the launch of Livelihood has brought together four of my favorite things: Fashion, indie women-run businesses, products made in the US, and purchases that do good for people in need.

Founded by Delaware social worker and former Veep offspring Ashley Biden (you might have recognized the name) with support from friend and actress Aubrey Plaza, this new line of comfy, stylish hoodies for men, women, and kids does so much.

They were designed to help create US jobs — all the products are designed and manufactured right here — all while providing funding to underserved communities via donations.

They limit their beneficiaries to two zip codes at a time, in order to create the most impact. And this first year, Ashley’s hometown of Wilmington, DE and the nearby D.C neighborhood of Anacostia will receive funding for educational initiatives plus training and placement to help revitalize the communities.

In fact, right now, a full 100% of the profits from the launch — exclusively on Gilt —  go right to these initiatives. So get your shopping on, stat!

(PS if you’re not a Gilt member, use our referral code to join, and you’ll even get a $25 credit after your first purchase when you enter code REFER2017. More hoodies!)

Ashley Biden and Aubrey Plaza for the launch of Livelihood hoodies, supporting US communities in need


But the thing that’s really wonderful about Livelihood is that the premise goes far beyond just selling hoodies — stylish and clever though they may be, with the keep your hood up slogan printed subtly beneath the back collar.

Ashley’s aim is to get people involved in revitalization efforts in your own own local communities at the grassroots level, to advance social and economic justice wherever you live.

The site itself is so new it’s not fully complete yet, but it looks like it’s been built to provide lots of info on topics from civic participation to policy modernization to models of collective change.

It’s so easy to talk about all things going on in the world that we wish we could fix. And yes, there are lots. Here’s to supporting those who do more than just talk.

Shop Livelihood Hoodies at Gilt.com now where 100% of the profits on hoodies for women, men and children go directly to US communities in need during the launch. Also visit the  GetInvolvedInYourHood.com website for more info about the company and the initiatives your purchases support.