Wheelchairs with flair? Now this is something the world needs.

At Toy Fair this year, we instantly fell in love with PunkinFutz, a brand new product line anchored by a hip selection of wheelchair bags made just for kids.

Special needs parents Lisa and David found themselves disappointed in the utilitarian, all too adult nature of most orthotic devices and essential accessories. Where were wheelchair bags and pouches that reflect a kid’s fun personality? Why are all those helmets and vests so darn plain? Why should kids be stuck with the same boring stuff that grownups use?

Thus, an idea was born.

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The pie-slice-shaped PunkinPie wheelchair bag for kids is especially genius, because it looks just like a triangular banner you might put in the spokes of your bike wheels.

Kids will love the designs like robots, monsters, and a too-cool skull and crossbones, combined with sturdy construction and reflective fabrics for safety. And it’s great for scooter riders too.

There are other practical items from the company as well, each designed with input from an occupational therapist, to help kids in wheelchairs express their personalities — patches, pouches, even button-free clothing and a calming compression vest. Coming soon: helmets and superhero capes.

Wheelchair bags for kids from PunkinFutz look like cool bike wheel banners


PunkinFutz wheelchair bags made just for kids with fun designs like skulls and robots

I especially love that all the PunkinFutz items are made ethically right here in the US, in integrated, adaptive workplaces that employ adults with a range of abilities. More opportunities for all.

Shop for wheelchair bags and accessories made just for kids as well as special needs items like weighted vests and helmets at the PunkinFutz website.