The more my skin (ahem) matures, the more I’m willing to spend a little more to step up my skincare game without succumbing to Botox. If you hear me, then definitely take a look at the new-to-the-US luxury skincare line called Auspect. Especially with spring right around the corner.

The line is all about medically developed formulas that skip the gross chemicals and artificial fragrances. Just ethically sourced, natural ingredients you can identify. And wow, are the results fantastic.

Let’s just say I have tried a whole lot of luxury skincare products for potential review lately, and very very few make the cut. In fact I haven’t felt this strongly about a new beauty line since I discovered Delilah, and that’s saying something.

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Auspect Skincare: A new luxury line of Australian skincare products

I find that most facial cleansers get the job done to some degree, but the Auspect Total Clean Facial Cleanser is like nothing I’ve ever tried. The almost gel-like formula feels so light going on, it gets my skin nice and clean (after using a separate eye makeup remover) and after rinsing it off, I don’t feel like my skin is dry or begging for moisturizer. In fact, after washing, my face feels silky soft and surprisingly moisturized.

That’s evidently a factor of botanical ingredients: lactic milk extracts which they claim increases skin hydration for up to four hours, plus a botanical coat against environmental pollutants. Which also makes it good for oily, combo, and acne-prone skin.

Now at $33 for a 3.4 oz bottle, it’s spendy for sure; but I’ve found I really only need 1 pre-measured pump (not 1–3 as recommended) to get my face clean. That gives me 250 pumps per bottle, which lasts at least four months.

Okay, more than four months for me. Because some nights I suck at washing my face. Guilty.

Plus…ooh, I’m totally obsessed with the packaging! The little pump top twists up, then back down and flush with the top, making it perfect for travel and less prone to spillage. You wouldn’t want to waste a drop of this stuff.

The other Auspect product I tried that’s a standout is the Auspect Vita-C serum for dry or aging skin. Apply just a bit after cleansing and before moisturizing; I find it really brightens my complexion without looking or feeling oily at all. I could see the difference in less than a week.

But the next product on my radar is the Eye Lift Eye Serum; because while I keep looking, I have yet to discover the right product for me to take on puffiness, under eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles.

In other words, the tell-tale symptoms of motherhood. Whoo!

Visit Auspect Skincare and sort by skin type to find the products that are right for you. Be sure to check out the Auspect Starter Kit (shown above) which lets you try smaller bottles of the top four products at a nice discount. Thanks to the company for sending us samples for editorial consideration.