To help your kids celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, you could bake pans and pans of soda bread, or painstakingly place leprechaun prints around the house…or you could download some free St. Patrick’s Day printables to add to lunch boxes or have your kids give out to friends and classmates at school.

We vote for the latter. Because, it’s easy. And free!

And lucky for our readers, we scoured the internet in search of these easy and free St. Patrick’s Day printables and landed on 7 favorites we just had to share.

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Free St. Patrick’s Day Star Wars Printable 

For true Star Wars fans, there’s only one way to add a little green to the day, and that’s with something little and, well, green. This Yoda printable from Rockin’ the Boys Club is the perfect St. Paddy’s Day lunch box note. Love you for it they will.


Free St. Patrick's Day printables: Paper Bracelets by Thirty Handmade Days

Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable Bracelets

There are at least two excellent reasons to print out these cute creations from Thirty Handmade Days. One, kids can share them with friends, which is always a good idea. And, two, those little bits of green in the design are extra insurance in case of sneak “you’re not wearing green!” pinch attacks.


Free St. Patrick's Day printables: Leprechaun Beards by Alpha Mom

Free Leprechaun Beard Printables

Alpha Mom’s printable makes it easy to sport some St. Paddy’s spirit — in the form of faux facial hair. Cut out and color the design, fold it as directed, then snap on an elastic band for a wearable leprechaun beard.

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Free St. Patrick's Day printables: Treasure Hunt Clues by Love Grows WildFree Treasure Hunt Printables

Have kids do a little legwork (and brainwork) as they go searching for a pot o’ gold with printable clues, like these from Love Grows Wild. Having to solve them all will make scoring the treat at the end even sweeter.


Free St. Patrick's Day printables: St. Patrick's Pins from Mom.Me

Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pins

Okay, so we know this is a four-leaf clover, not a shamrock, but hey, it’s still super cute! After cutting out the shapes and banner tails, all you have to do is tape a paperclip to the back for an insta-bookmark, or pin it onto a t-shirt or book bag.

Free St. Patrick's Day printables: Fun Lunch Box Jokes by Tried and True

Free St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Box Jokes

The surprise of discovering a silly joke in your lunch box — like any of these by Tried & True — is a guaranteed way to make sure your kid feels lucky for the rest of the day.


Free St. Patrick's Day printables: Watercolor Shamrocks by Pretty Prudent

Free St. Patrick’s Day Watercolor Clovers

Print and tie these pretty tags (also shown at top) by Pretty Prudent to cups, snacks, or gifts for an instant bright pinch of color. Pretty Prudent also has an easy how-to video tutorial if you want to DIY these yourself. So, go ahead — test your luck.