I tend to get headaches when I use strong chemical cleaning products, especially when I’m cleaning a small space, like my bathroom, which is why I really do favor green cleaning products under one condition: they have to work.

And since it’s time for some spring cleaning around my house (actually, let’s be honest, it’s way past time for that) I’m excited to have had the chance to test out a ton of green cleaning products lately, and put together my favorites.

Besides keeping the chemicals out of our home and our air, it’s nice to be able to give the kids cleaning chores, without worrying about any toxins they may exposed to in the process.

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Note that Household Logic products are now focused on pet care and no longer make their home cleaning products.

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Green household cleaning products: Rebel Green laundry detergent

Best green household cleaning products: Rebel Green's Fruit and Veggie Wash

It’s hard to resist Rebel Green cleaning products, a brand we first discovered way back in 2009, in part because their packaging is so retro fun. The containers are definitely on the smaller side — their 32-ounce detergent is good for 32 loads, and with my big family, I tend to buy mega sizes that last closer to 80 loads. I’m also a big fan of their kosher-certified Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie wash, which has received 100% 5-star ratings on Amazon. Whoa. Count me in as one more.

I’ve found it’s great at removing that waxy coating on apples, while her users suggest it even makes their veggies last longer. A little goes a long way, so don’t worry too much about the price tag — it will last you a good long while.

What I love most about it: I really dig the fresh, unique scent blends of all Rebel Green’s cleaning products…like the yummy peppermint and lemon sport wash detergent. And of course, there is that fab packaging that looks great on the counter.


Green household cleaning products: Babyganics household cleaning collection

I’ve been using Babyganics products for years now — everything from their diapers to their sunscreens and now their cleaning products too. Right now, though, I’m a little obsessed with the Babyganics Wool Dryer Balls, which I stash in my dryer at all times since they last for about 1,000 loads. (Unless the kids take them out for a game of catch, sigh.) In my experience, they work well to reduce static, soften clothes, and speed up my drying time, which saves me money on my electric bill. From an eco standpoint, I love that I’m not throwing away dryer sheets with each wash.

What I love most about it: I’m just keeping things real here — I love that you can get these cleaning products at Target, because I’m there all the time. But you can easily find them on Amazon, or plenty of local drugstores that carry all-natural cleaning products.

Green household cleaning products: CleanSmart nursery cleaning products

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my kids’ toys get cleaned way less often than they should. Like…almost never. Putting them in the dishwasher isn’t always a good idea, as I’ve learned (sorry, melted Strawberry Shortcake doll), and who has the time or interest to wash each one individually? The CleanSmart Nursery Care collection of green cleaning products lets me spray down my kids’ toys with a more natural formulation than most germ-killers, which also means I don’t have to rinse them off afterward.

While yeah, it’s kind of splurgey to have a dedicated toy disinfectant cluttering up the cleaning products bucket, I think the benefits are worth it. I try to remember to just give everything a quick spray when we’re cleaning up and putting toys away.

What I love most about it: I like being able to spray down my daughter’s high chair before meals without having to rinse it afterward. Just spray and wipe,  or it air dries pretty quickly. Which is nice, because when she’s hungry, SHE’S HUNGRY.