rebel green toteNow that things like environmentally-sound manufacturing, use of post-consumer waste, and organic textiles are fast becoming the standard (which is awesome), it does take a lot to make us go oooooh these days when we get a “green” pitch. But that’s what happened when we first clicked over to Rebel Green.

These tote bags, cool reusable lunch bags, and tees for adults, kids and babies from designers Ali Ruvin and Melina Marcus are hip, they’re edgy, they’re original, and yes, they’re totally responsibly made right in the US. rebel green baby onesiePlus they never do that whole “I’m better than you because I’m carrying a canvas bag” slogan thing which I give them props for.

There’s also a Rebel Green fruit and veggie wash that I haven’t tried yet, but I love that part of the proceeds go towards clean water initiatives. The fact that the packaging will look fabulous on your kitchen counter is just a bonus. –Liz

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, tees, reusable lunch bags and more at Rebel Green.