I still meet expectant moms from time to time who share, with trepidation, that their due date is somewhere around today and they’d prefer any other delivery date at all. So I tell them I understand. I tell them it’s my birthday. And then I tell them what my dad said to me on 9/11/02, because they may need these words one day too.

Here’s something I wrote about having a 9/11 birthday living in New York City that I published last year. Each year it gets easier in some ways…and in some ways not so much. I hope you like it.

Maybe it even gives you a little insight into the mind of all the 9/11 birthday revelers in your own life.

And hey, if you do know someone marking a birthday or anniversary today, remember to be extra nice to them.  Even though we’re Virgos — strong resilient stock, you know — they’re experiencing a lot of mixed emotions. And they definitely deserve a huge, honkin’ slice of cake with extra, extra buttercream frosting, if only a virtual one.

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