Customizing your own clothes is on-trend for kids this fall and a great way to kids express themselves — whether it’s DIY customized denim jackets or color-your-own backpacks and bags. So it’s going to be pretty fun for a lot of kids to discover these colorful, graphic paintable toe sneakers from Bobbi-Toads, designed specifically with toe boxes that look like…well, toes.

They become mini-canvases for kids, ready for decorate with whatever colors of nail polish they choose.

We’ll be honest, these are the kind of shoes that will make some parents go…huh? while our kids are saying YES! Because what kid wouldn’t want to paint up their own sneakers? With nail polish no less? Especially those kids who may not be allowed to paint their own toenails just yet.

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Customizing sneakers: Shoes made for kids to decorate with water-based nail polishes from Bobbi-Toads

Paintable toe sneakers: Kids use nail polish to decorate Bobbi-Toads sneakers

Don’t worry, kids don’t need to get into your stash of Opi or Chanel. Use the 20+ colors of Bobbi-Toads water-based polish which are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and not permanent. Not in your rug, and not on the shoes. When kids are ready to try something new, the nail polish comes off with just a few swipes of polish remover.

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As for the sneakers themselves, well the designs may be a little young for kids with more sophisticated tastes, even though sizes go up to a big kid 6. It would be nice if they offered a few of the more simple, solid designs like in their light-up sneakers, so that our kids’ own handiwork could cut through the clutter of psychedelic flowers and multi-color cartoon frogs.

(Tip: Check the fun Sophie heart shoes that have Velcro closures, but may be the cleanest design of the bunch You could also replace the polka-dot laces in the Holly Rae flowers, above, which will keep the design a little less multi-pattern.)

But you know kids…the more designs and colors, the merrier.

It’s also lovely to see that for each purchase Bobbi-Toads is donating two pairs of shoes to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. May they bring a lot of color and joy into a lot of kids’ days.

Get paintable toe sneakers from Bobbi-Toads from Bobbi-Toads. Remember to use the code TEXAS and the company will donate two pairs to Hurricane Harvey families…and you can get an additional 20% off plus free shipping with code COOLMOMPICKS20.