We’re all such fans of the wonderful work of maker, designer and crafter Ursula Rosien of KRAFT&MINT design. So when we connected to discuss creating a series of free printable inspirational posters just for our kids, a whole lot of lightbulbs went off.

With so many difficult events in the world right now that we’re all grappling with, we wanted something positive, uplifting, hopeful and empowering.

We wanted to honor the strong voices of women through history who have found the strength to right wrongs, light a candle, and see us through storms of all kinds.

And we wanted to remind our children that positive progress doesn’t happen by itself, and that they have it within them to be the part of any solution.

So here, we honor some of our favorite words of some of our favorite heroes and change-makers: Maya Angelou, Virginia Woolf, and Malala Yousafzai. (Believe me, we could have made hundreds.)

Free printable Malala quote to inspire kids to write, create, and learn | Kraft&Mint for Cool Mom Picks

I am so grateful to Ursula for generously creating these vibrant, graphic posters free for download for our readers.

Our hope is that both girls and boys (and hey, their parents!) would love looking at these each day above a desk, over a bed, or on a refrigerator door. Even those little ones not yet old enough to read these women’s beautiful words.

May they inspire our kids to think, to dream, to be their best selves. Maybe even change the world.

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Virginia Woolf inspirational quote poster: Free printable download! | Kraft&Mint for Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable Virginia Woolf Quote Poster for Kidsclick to download

Leave it to Virginia Woolf to offer up the perfect, pithy quote about self-acceptance and love. My girls aren’t quite yet old enough to read A Room of One’s Own or The Years, but they can certainly find inspiration in seven of Woolf’s perfect words from her non-fiction Three Guineas, which are as profound today as they were when they were published 80 years ago.


BE A RAINBOW IN SOMEBODY ELSE'S CLOUD: Free printable Maya Angelou quote print by KRAFT&MINT design for CoolMomPicks.com

Free Printable Maya Angelou Quote Poster for Kids | click to download

This quote from the incredible poet, memoirist and civil rights activist and icon Maya Angelou has always been a favorite. It’s a perfect, simple reminder that our actions, no matter how small, always have an impact on someone. A smile, a thank you, a hug…it all adds up to a world with more rainbows and fewer clouds.


Free printable Malala Yousafzai quote print: One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world | by KRAFT&MINT design exclusive for mompicksprod.wpengine.com

Free Printable Malala Yousafzai Quote Poster for Kids | click to download 

Kids are born with the natural curiosity to learn, and few things make us more proud as parents than watching our kids put their curiosity, their questions, their skills, and their creativity to work. So we’re not surprised that Malala — who just started attending Oxford this week — happened to have the perfect words to encourage children to learn, to teach, to write, to read, and to believe that yes, one single person can make a difference.

One day, I’m hoping our kids will grow up to read more about all three of these incredible women and understand the hardships and cultural forces they each had to overcome to become the names we all know. But for now, may these short quotes serve as a perfect introduction.

You can download these printables and print them full size (8×10) on a nice heavy stock for framing or hanging; or print them smaller to use as cards. Though we’d probably print the whole series because they look magnificent altogether, whether you’re decorating a nursery, planning to redo your kids’ room, or trying to amp up a child’s workspace.

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