This week on Spawned with Kristen and Liz we’re tackling diets. More specifically, some of the hot diet trends right now (or, ahem, culinary lifestyle choices or whatever they’re being called that’s not “diet”) to discuss the pros, the cons, the differences, and figure out which ones might be good for us — and you!

You know, now that we’re heading from “steal your kids’ Reese’s” night right into “three helpings of stuffing” season.

As a diet optimist (Kristen) and a diet skeptic (Liz), well we think you’ll enjoy this closer look at:

Bright Line Eating

Mark Bittman’s VB6

Intermittent Fasting



So take a listen right now and let us know if you agree with our picks for what sounds sensible, and what sounds totally insane.

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