I’ve been lugging a big bag full of toys and snacks to keep my three year old entertained lately, but I’m planning on lightening my load, thanks to the cool, modern printable paper dolls by Merrilee Liddiard that I just found.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I fell in love with Merrilee’s cool, minimalist style when we reviewed Playful, her craft book for kids that encourages creative play and is a dominant force in my family activity planning when the weather keeps us indoors. So it’s nice seeing that she’s giving me even more tools for my activity arsenal.

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While the paper dolls are great to stash everywhere so your kids can color them in, play with them, and even tear them up, I’m excited to use a tip I learned from my daughter’s preschool teacher — laminate them and attach tiny velcro dots to the backs, so the clothes will stay on while kids play.

And if they get worn out, I just print out another set!

So yeah, that tiny fee Merrilee charges for download? Totally worth it for a never-ending supply of cool paper dolls.

You can download the printable color-your-own Nellie paper dolls at Merrilee Liddiard’s website. Here’s the card stock I like to use, in case you need some of that too. PSST…they make fun DIY stocking stuffers for the kids!

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