This summer I mapped out fun crafts to do with my¬†kids every week, and we completed exactly zero of them. It might be because I pinned things like build a lap-sized loom and learn to¬†weave. I’m still not giving up on making¬†beautiful, modern and, ahem, easy crafts with kids, though, and¬†right now I’m drawing inspiration from¬†Playful,¬†the¬†new DIY book from Merrilee Liddiard.


Easy crafts for kids: Coloring pages from Playful by MerMag's Marianne Lilliard

If you haven’t seen¬†Merrilee’s blog, MerMag, you should bookmark it right now. Her modern French aesthetic is so beautiful, and it comes through in even the simplest crafts she suggests for kids, which is what I love about the book. The crafts can pretty much be created with the¬†supplies I have in my pretty¬†average craft drawer–like cardboard, paint, a glue gun, cotton thread and a hole punch. But if you’re a bit more advanced, she also includes a few projects that require drills and sewing machines.

Easy crafts for kids: Crown of Twigs from Playful by Marianne Lilliard

There’s also a¬†whole section of¬†templates¬†that include¬†guides for cutting or even for copying onto iron-on paper so you can just apply her¬†lovely artwork (like the trapeze doll’s face, at top on the book cover)¬†directly onto¬†the¬†craft.¬†Voila!

Easy crafts for kids: DIY Dollhouses from Playful by Marianne Lilliard

What I really, really appreciate is¬†that almost every project can be used for play when it’s finished. From the sword and shield to the squiggle floor tile puzzle to the duct tape portfolio, all of these crafts will inspire kids to imagine and create even more.

Easy crafts for kids:Princess costume from Playful by Marianne Lilliard

I’m so glad to have Playful on hand¬†as we look toward the winter months and more hours inside. At least we’ll have¬†lots of fun and beautiful projects to¬†make, and¬†to play with for a long time.

Playful will be in your local bookstore on September 16, or pre-order now at our affiliate Amazon.

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