Families who celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah totally get the best of both worlds. 8 days of gifts plus one blow-out morning of overstuffed stockings and packages? Dreidels and reindeer? Eggnog and latkes? Okay, maybe not those two at the same time, but still.

And now I’ve discovered the perfect Chrismukkah decoration: this awesome Chrismukkah ornament from our go-to source for modern Judaica, Modern Tribe.

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For $16, I think this wooden stocking packed with dreidels makes the perfect host or hostess gift for an interfaith couple you’re visiting, or for that co-worker who throws the epic holiday party every year. Or maybe it belongs on your own Christmas tree.

Because for me, this year, the messages of inclusivity and unity are right up there with peace, love, and joy.

Hanukkah starts on December 12 – one month away – so grab the Christmukkah ornament from Modern Tribe soon! 

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