While all kids’ Halloween costumes are of course wonderful and creative and adorable and perfect, well, we’re kind of blown away by these in particular. They’re all handmade, all made by regular old parents in our network — no professional costume designers or mask-makers or set designers — and all deserving of the full-size bars from every house they visited.

Bravo to these clever kids and their clever parents! You’ve inspired me for 2018.

And while there are no winners in Halloween…yeah. You all pretty much won.

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Best homemade kids Halloween costumes Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017:

Maxine Waters reclaiming her candy via Jasmyn Lawson

The outfit is 2017 political perfection, but that pumpkin? That pretty much puts it over the top as my very favorite. May this awesome little girl grow up to be the next Maxine Sanders.


Banksy Flower Thrower via Colleen King: Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017:
Banksy Flower Thrower costume via Colleen King

CMP’s own Colleen helped her son deck out in one of the most inspired homemade Halloween costumes for kids I’ve seen. I mean, I love all the Frida Kahlos and Andy Warhols but as far as modern art inspiration, standing O for innovation.


Fantastic Mr. Fox: Best homemade Halloween costumes for kids | via Alix Tyler

Fantastic Mr. Fox costume via Alix Tyler 

Alix Tyler, AKA Galaxina is one of my favorite bloggers, art directors, and all-around creative people so I’m not surprised in the least that her son has inherited her ingenuity, wit, and love for Wes Anderson. The mask is not homemade (obvs) but the Fiat more than makes up for it.


"Catch Him Derry!" Viral Bat Chaser Video Halloween costume via Kristen Chase

“Catch ‘Im Derry” Bat Chasing Meme costume via Kristen Chase 

If you haven’t yet watched what we can safely call a 2017 viral video inspired by a 2017 viral video from our own, always creative, Kristen Chase — you’re in for long laugh! I’ve watched it probably 20 times and can’t stop.


Hidden Figures Scientists: Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017 | Via The Brother on Facebook

The Hidden Figures Heroes of NASA costumes via The Brother on Facebook

We discovered these three wonderful girls last night and…just wow. The book is a great touch, but come on. Would any of us not recognize Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan? Those outfits are impeccable, and the glasses on point.


Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017: Shark Attack via Stacie Billis

Shark Attack Survivor costume via Stacie Billis

While Stacie is our food editor-in-chief over Cool Mom Eats. I admit I don’t have a huge appetite seeing Oliver as a shark attack survivor because, wow! Well done! I’m supposed to let you know that “the vest is a Navy Seal vest because technically he was a Navy Seal who got attacked and survived, and he felt that was an important part of the story.”

PS Here’s our brave service men and women. Please don’t get bitten by sharks, we need you!


Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017: Captain Underpants via Karen Leiper Haffmans

Captain Underpants costume from Karen Leiper Haffmans 

Karen’s entire family goes all out for Halloween this year, but her little Captain Underpants is a joy — right down to the bald cap and superhero posturing.


Best homemade Halloween costumes for kids of 2017: Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, via Sunny Chanel

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance costume via Sunny Chanel 

You’re doing something right as a parent when you raise your tween daughter to even know who Gerard Way is, let alone want to be him for Halloween. Her mom is the co-founder of Wonder & Co, so I can’t say I’m totally surprised. (And I know it’s not very emo to say how cool she looks, but you know. I’m not very emo.)


Brooklyn Bridge Halloween costume via Our BK Social on IG

Brooklyn Bridge Costume via OurBKSocial

Wow, talk about commitment! This cool kid spent Halloween on the busy streets of Brooklyn dressed as our own iconic bridge. It’s practically actual size; though I’ve never seen such light traffic there TBH. I’m just hoping he didn’t to squeeze up and down too many brownstone steps to fill up his treat bag.


Best homemade kids' Halloween costumes of 2017: Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite from Daina Nadler

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro costumes via Daina Nadler

I would vote for Pedro right now. Just sayin’.

I also have to note that both of my girls looked amazing for Halloween — but since Sage’s Eliza Schuyler costume was ready-made thanks to a talented Etsy seamstress, I can only give it an honorable mention.