Just this week I started moving the fall and winter items to the front of the closet and saying goodbye (sniff) to my comfy, swingy cotton dresses. That’s when I rediscovered my favorite faux leather leggings from last year and got all excited to wear them again. Then, as if she were reading my mind, our own Lisa turned me onto what may be my next fall fashion purchase: Faux leather camo leggings from Spanx.

Don’t run away just because they’re from Spanx. Yes, they “hold you in” nicely but I own a couple of their leggings and they’re the right balance of snug and all-day comfy.

Plus, they’re stylish!

Spanx black camo faux leather leggings: Stylish + comfy which is just what we love

Wear them with a long untucked button-up or a tunic (I’m still not a fan of the crop-tops-with-leggings look on adults but maybe that’s just me + my butt?), grab some boots or mid-heeled booties, and you’ll look super polished for work or preschool pickup.

Essentially, faux leather leggings are nearly as comfy as walking around the neighborhood in yoga pants, only without giving you that dreaded “OMG I’ve become that mom who walks around the neighborhood in yoga pants” feeling.

Yep, been there. Maybe even today.

Find the new faux leather camo leggings from Spanx from their website in sizes petite through 3X because everyone should be able to look and feel great at any size.
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