Just in time for Halloween, two of my very favorite kidswear brands have joined together for an awesome collab: Nununu X Tutu Du Monde. Whoa!

I have written about the edgy but wearable offerings from Nununu and the theatrically-inspired, spectacularly crafted, embellished costumes of Tutu Du Monde for years. Together though? I’m totally in love.

They’ve put together some gorgeous goth-inspired clothing that’s both costumey enough for Halloween (and all the exciting days leading up to it), and fun enough to mix and match with what’s already in their closets.

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Tutu du Monde x Nununu pink skull tutu dress with skull cape

Tutu dresses with high-top Converse?

A simple embroidered skull onesie for toddlers and babies who want to look fierce with no fuss?

Sequin bunny ear headbands with tees and a frilly layered skirt?

Maybe even the dress with a simpler cardigan layered for edgy holiday wear?

Yesssss to all of the above!

Nununu x Tutu Du Monde Embroidered Skull Onesie

Sequin Skull Patch Onesie for babies and toddlers

Tutu du Monde x Nununu skull embroidered cape Black Lace Skull Cape Tutu du Monde x Nununu layered pink tutu skirtPink Layered Tutu SkirtTutu du Monde x Nununu sequin skull applique tutu dress Black Embroidered Skull Tutu DressNununu x Tutu Du Monde Bunny Ear Sequin Headband Black Goth Bunny Headband

Tutu du Monde x Nununu skull embroidered pink tutu dress

Pink Skull Patch Tutu Dress

Tutu du Monde x Nununu collab -- for Halloween, holiday and dress-up. Or you know, everyday
ZOMG that headband though…

I’m only said that the clothes just go up to 10-11Y because, well, I would like some of these. I bet I could wear that headband though.

Visit NununuWorld.com for the Nununu x Tutu Du Monde collaboration of gorgeous gothic-inspired embellished tutus and accessories They are spendy. And they are special. But they are absolutely spectacular.